We love to cater brunch receptions!  The brunch menu trend for receptions is a new option for wedding clients, and we are a big fan.  The food is fun, filling and can be displayed in such creative ways.  On June 16, we had the opportunity to spread our creativity at Kristin and Ben’s wedding reception.  Kristin had many ideas for the brunch–she then gave us the flexibility to tweak them and come up with her final menu.  We do a “happy dance” when our brides are open to new and fun options.

Our menu said it all–we had a scrumptious biscuit bar with a carved ham and toppings to include creamy butter, Nutella, sausage gravy and a variety of jams.

Biscuit Bar at Wedding Reception

Biscuit Bar


We also had the cutest yogurt bar with yogurt placed in individual edible waffle bowls and toppings to include sliced strawberries and bananas, almond slivers, chocolate chips and granola.

Yogurt in Edible Waffle Cups at wedding reception

Yogurt in Edible Waffle Cups


Our chicken and waffle skewers continue to be a huge hit–they can be used at evening events as well.

Chicken and Waffle Skewer at Wedding reception

Chicken and Waffle Skewers


Fruit salsa with cinnamon chips and a scrambled egg casserole finished the menu along with a variety of beverages to include juice, lemonade and sweet tea.

Kristin and Ben were the first couple to have a wedding at a new venue in the Bentonville area called The Berry Farm–a farm with a heart.  The Berry Farm has an event space and is also in partnership with Help One Now and will provide Northwest Arkansas with fresh, locally-grown food and teach orphaned children across the globe how to do the same in their own community.

Steph Smith’s photos say it all.  She did a fabulous job capturing the feel of the venue and this happy couple!

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