Photographer: The Peach Tea Company

Seems like we went from April to July in a few split seconds!  We have witnessed and served at countless weddings, so today we want to share some of our highlights from weddings at Magnolia Gardens; a venue that The Event Group manages.

The season kicked off with the Blalock-Swearengin wedding.  Our highlight from this wedding was the ceremony held in Magnolia Grove -a quaint space literally in the grove of old Magnolia Trees.


Next up was the Helton-Edwards wedding.  It was absolutely beautiful and the family and friends that gathered just radiated joy for the bride and groom.  If you can’t tell by the picture below of mother and daughter holding tight before the ceremony.


Photographer: Phorever Studio

The Perry-Gaudian wedding was a sweet, Sunday afternoon wedding that was full of many happy faces -especially the bride and groom!  We love the highlight video, created by Vin Films x Photography, for this day -click on the picture below to watch.


Photographer/Videographer: Vin Films x Photography

We knew the Ward-Silva wedding was going to be fun when the bride and groom arrived for the rehearsal the night before…in a limo!  This couple loves to have fun and definitely loves each other.


Photographer: Layers Photo

The weekends began to get busier as we had multiple weddings.  The first double wedding weekend began with the Bader-McCool wedding.  This was a sweet and intimate indoor wedding -the groom even wore a top hat!


Photographer: Ashley Kimbrough

Next up was the Smith-Van Otterloo wedding on Sunday afternoon that was blended with simplicity and elegance.  The couple literally tied a knot in their ceremony as a symbol of their new bond and decision to be unified in marriage.


Photographer: The Peach Tea Company

Soon after was the Detring-Weston wedding.  The days leading up to this wedding were quite rainy, but when it was time for the ceremony, the clouds parted and the couple were able to stick with their plan to get married on the Upper Grounds.


Photographer: Juliet Young Photography

The Harper-Bond wedding was a sweet reflection of the couple’s personality, passions and heritage.  The décor had touches of their favorite things -from wild flowers, to books and pictures of the bride and groom from all ages.


Photographer: Andrea Barnett Photo

June arrived and the first event to kick off the summer month was the Morningstar-Gilbrecht wedding.  The rain decided to stick around, but that didn’t stop this happy couple from creating an incredible Plan B that was just as beautiful and surrounded with just as much joy.

magnolia-gardens-wedding-erw_0020 (1)

Photographer: Stephanie Dawn Photo

The Brockunier-Sheehan wedding was a mid-June wedding that radiated bliss. If you can’t tell from this picture, the couple was over-the-moon excited to be married!


Photographer: Rae Marie Photography

Of course we have left out quite a few weddings that happened this season, but that doesn’t mean we did not cherish each one and appreciate their uniqueness. Once wedding photographers have time to catch up from the busy wedding season, we will soon have more to share!

Until then, soak up these sweet moments…