What better bar to have at your party for people of all ages to enjoy than a…s’mores bar!  With cooler temperatures, it’s time to get the fire pit ready and prepare the s’mores items.  A s’mores bar is a great way to spice up the traditional s’more (graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow = #classic) and adds a variety of items that will have people coming back for more to try something different.  And best of all -it’s so easy and can add to the decor at your event!  Below you will see a s’mores bar set-up we put together for the Open House for The Ravington. Get creative and have fun!

Signage: black pre-cut banner tabs, white paint pen, hole puncher, yarn, 6 mini signs for food


Food storage/serving: 2 buckets, skewers, 3 baskets, 6 tongs, liners for the baskets (we used burlap), 3 white napkins, 3 large glass jars

Fire pit: fire safe container (we used a large wooden box), 6 catering sterno, bag of charcoal


Food: graham crackers, marshmallows (caramel, coconut, white and strawberry), milk chocolate Hershey bars, dark chocolate Hershey bars


Savor the s’mores and most importantly the time with those sharing the experience with you!  Send us pictures of your DIY s’mores bar -we always love seeing how others do it!

Maggie Lechner is the Social Media Coordinator for The Event Group, an awarded catering company in Northwest Arkansas.  Feel free to reach out, they would love to hear from you!  Please e-mail [email protected]