Natural Deodorizers

by Nov 12, 2012Event Planning

Natural Deodorizers:

With the Holiday season quickly approaching the party planning and guest lists start to be made. We know that entertaining guests at home is one of the most fun parts about this time of the year, however, the cleaning and up-keep can be trying! A great smelling house not only means you’re cleaned up and ready for a party, but also creates a welcoming feeling.  Naturally, we turned to Martha Stewart for tips and tricks to keep your home deodorized with things you already have at home.


  • Best use for lemons is to eliminate strong odors from cooking fish or vegetables that can sometimes give off a sulfuric smell.
  • Try adding a half dozen slices of lemon to simmering water with a handful of cloves for around 10 minutes to fully eliminate odors.


  • Best use is to neutralize cooking odors, musty smells in drawers, and smoky odors.
  • Try filling up a glass dish with a half inch of white vinegar and setting it in the offending room or drawer until the odor dissipates.


  • Best use is to spice up closets and drawers that need to be refreshed. This is especially handy for having overnight guests!
  • Try studding oranges with whole cloves and you can keep them in a closet or drawer for up to a year!