Tips for Throwing a Baby Shower

by Apr 2, 2014Parties

ideas and tips for a baby shower


It’s that time of year when we get tons of calls for baby shower goodies.  Here are some top tips for throwing the perfect baby shower:

Personalize the Party.  The guest of honor’s personality and interests should be highlighted throughout the party.  Does the mom-to-be love a certain color or design element?  If so, make that a part of the theme.

Elevate the Presentation.  Display small bites in rows, with evenly displayed items on trays.  We encourage mini desserts like strawberry shortcake shots or phyllo cups filled with cheesecake and topped with berries instead of the usual cakes and petit fours.

Customize.  If you can’t find exactly what you want (a banner, invitation, etc.) go to the source.  Etsy has wide array of vendors who will tailor products to you needs.

Time it Right.  Make sure to have the shower early enough to get items the honoree needs but not too late that she has done most of her shopping.  Early third trimester is best.

Photos.  Assign someone to be in charge of taking photos.  As host, you are too busy for this detail.  But make sure the person knows what they are doing and use a camera–not a phone!