Hosting a dinner party can often be stressful time without the proper planning.  With a few tips from The Event Group, we hope to make your event less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our first tip is to figure out exactly who you will invite.  8-10 guests is the typical number suitable for a dinner party, but of course, you can invite less or more people depending on your space.

Next, the food!  It is important to know if any of your guests have dietary concerns and then plan accordingly.  For the menu, start the evening with a couple of different appetizers.  For your main dish, try something that you can make or prep ahead of time and then easily stick in the oven to finish off.  For dessert, why not pick-up a yummy treat from one of the many delicious bakeries in Northwest Arkansas. If you are feeling adventurous or are just a good baker, you can always make your own!  Another suggestion would be to choose a theme, such as Italian, Mexican or American comfort food, in order to construct a menu.

Don’t forget to make certain you have plenty of dinnerware and serving pieces.  Lastly, if you are serving alcoholic drinks, be sure to include non-alcoholic beverages for your guests as well.  Mostly, have fun and enjoy your fabulous dinner party!

We hope these tips from The Event Group will assist you with planning your next dinner party!